1. Clean Up & Organize

Nothing feels better than when everything is in its place!  Take a few hours each day and clean out every nook and cranny of your house or room.  Clean out your closet and donate anything that you don’t wear or love.  Clean up your desk or workspace.  Remove all of the clutter from your countertops.  Once everything is completely cleaned out, take 10-15 minutes each night before you go to be to maintain the clean! 

2. Reflect on the past year

Think back to the pact year.  What worked? What didn’t?  What can you improve on in the New Year?  Imagine what you want to do, go be or see!  Make each day better than the previous one.

3. Write Down your Goals for the Year

What do you want to accomplish in the upcoming year?  Dream big and write it down!  Get creative!!! Once you know where you want to go, break down your big dreams into monthly, weekly and even daily goals to help accomplish it!  Take a small step each day and you’ll be there in no time!  You don’t have to do it all at once, but you do need to continue moving in the right direction.  Imaging what you can accomplish in a year!

4. Find things That Inspire you

What makes your heart happy?  Surround yourself that inspire you to do amazing things!  You can order inspiring prints from Etsy to hang on your wall above your bed or make a pinterest board with your favorite things. You can even find amazing quotes.  One of my favorite things on my desk is a vase of fake peonies.  They make me happy all winter!  Sometimes the littlest things can make us the happiest!

5. Use a Calendar or Planner

I can’t believe the amount of people who don’t have all of their events in one place!  I have one planner that I always have with me!  I include all of my events, activities, appointments and even my social media calendar.  I color code everything based on what category they fit into.  You can even put your schedule in your phone to ensure that you always have it.  This will also allow you to set reminders and take notes!  I totally recommend that you find a system that helps you stay organized and stick to it! 

6. Take Time to do Something You Enjoy

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE BUSY ALL OF THE TIME!!! That’s right, I said it and I’ll say it again!  Somehow, we’ve associated being busy with being successful.  Take time for yourself.  Do something you enjoy!  Whether its reading drawing, running or whatever else you enjoy, take time out of you day and go do it!

7. Improve What You Eat

Eating better and make you feel so much better!  Try snacking on healthy foods like fresh fruit!  Limit the amount of fast food you eat and drink lots of water!  I always find healthy recipes on Pinterest!  Trying a new recipe can be so inspiring.

8. Workout

Sure, this is one of everyone’s resolutions, but you have the ability to make it happen!  Working out can be amazing for your body as well as your mind!  Find a friend to work out with.  You’ll both get in shape, and it will be more fun!  You can even follow fitness blogs.  My personal favorite is www.toneitup.com because they have weekly workouts, recipes and even a community to help you stay accountable!  You can even find great workouts on Pinterest!  Feeling uninspired?  Try a new workout. 

9. Start Each Day Well

Remember those mornings that you wake up, roll over and grab your phone and before you know it two hours have past?  Yes?  I’ve been there too! (Oops)  Now when I wake up, I don’t even look at my phone!  Instead, try getting ready, drinking water, eating breakfast or even going for a walk.  This will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day!

10. Make a Budget & Stick to it

I know this is boring, but it’s necessary!  Track how much you will make in a month and plan what you intend to do with that money.  Set aside money for bills, expenses, savings and even fun money.  You can even set out separate bank accounts to ensure that you use the money for what it’s intended for.