Whenever I used to use my flash, I hated it.  I pretty much wanted to rip it off of my camera and throw it in the trash.  I HATED that thing!!!  I would always get frustrated when it wouldn't fire when I needed it to or when the light was too overpowering.  When I saw that Justin and Mary (some of my favorite photographers) were offering a lighting course, I knew that I would benefit from it. 

When I first walked into the workshop room, I was instantly welcomed by Justin and Mary with a big hug.  They made me feel very welcomed and excited to learn.  I quickly became fast friends with the other workshop attendees too.  I spend my entire day learning how to use my flash - on and off camera.  Justin and Mary blew me away with their willingness to help me.  They were so helpful!  I would defiantly recommend the Lighting Intensive to anyone who also dislikes their camera flash.

During the workshop, we had some hands on activities using different lighting methods.  I had to share some of my favorite images.  I loved how Justin and Mary pushed me to try something new!

You can find more about Justin & Mary here!