Over a year ago, every chance and excuse I could get, I went to Petsmart to see if they had baby guinea pigs.  Several times a week I would check.  Eventually, they got new guinea pigs and I got super excited!  I instantly fell in love with their sweet little faces.  I went back the next day and adopted two of the three sisters.  The little white and brown fluff balls came home with me and I couldn't have been happier!  The next day I went back to the petstore and the last little pig was still there.  I knew that I had to adopt her too!  I brought her home exactly one year ago today.  I am so glad that I did and now my little piglet family is compleate!  

Charlotte is my littlest guinea pig.  She loves to be held and is the only one who eats strawberries.  

Pip loves to run and hop.  She eats everything but hates having her tummy touched!

Lola doesn't like to be held. She wants to be in charge!  She might be the baby, but she is the plumpest little pig.  

Lola is the only guinea pig with a russet - that little swirl on the top of her head.  i call it her mohawk.  

Whenever the pigs hear the refrigerator open or plastic bags move, they start to whistle because they want food!

Charlotte went to take a bite of grass as I went to take this picture.  They love to eat!!!