Since I posted about why you should shoot in RAW, I have gotten a few questions.  I thought that I would address those questions in a new blog post today!  If you missed my blog bost you can check it out here:

Why You Should Be Shooting In RAW - For Photographers

Without further adieu, let's get to the questions!

1. I've set my camera to RAW format & took some photos.  Now what?

Great work!  I'm so proud of you! (virtual hug) Now you need to transfer your photos from your camera to your computer.  

You can do this by connecting your camera to your computer or you can take the memory card out of your camera and insert it into a memory card reader that you can plug into your computer - which is the fasted way to import.  

Once all of your photos are on your computer, you can use a program like Lightroom to edit the images,  Once you're finished, be sure to export your files to JPEG in order to share or print.  

2. Can I print a RAW file?

Well... yes and no.  Not all programs will let you print RAW files directly.  Most printing companies require you to upload your files as JPEGs.  Some professional printing companies to allow you to upload RAW files, but it depends on the company.  

3. How big are RAW files compared to JPEGs?

The size of RAW files are generally 3-4 times the size of JPEG files.  RAW files are larger because they contain a lot more information compared to JPEG files which are a compressed format.  

4. Do I need to convert my photos out of RAW format?

No, you can store your original files in the RAW format.  Personally, I keep a file with my original RAW images as well as a folder with my edited JPEG images.  

5. What should I do with my JPEG photos now that I'm shooting in RAW? 

You can still keep your older JPEG images!  Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to convert them to RAW files.  (Bummer right?!)  But you can do light editing to them on Lightroom.  Even though it's possible to make the same adjustments to JPEG files, the amount of adjustments is limited based on the loss of image quality.  

6. Should I deliver RAW images to my client?

I would not recommend this!  You'll probably want to do some editing on your RAW files, even if its minor adjustments.  You want your pictures to be the best that they can be before giving them to your client!  

Unless your clients are photographers themselves, they probably just won't want RAW images.  They wont be able to print them easily and they probably won't know how to resize them.  Overall, Raw files will be a pain to deal with and they will prefer JPEGs.  

7. When should I be shooting in RAW?

Whether you are a professional photographer, or you just enjoy taking pictures, I highly suggest shooting in RAW format.  Pretty much all DSLRs have the ability to shot in RAW as well as most point and shoot cameras!  In addition to that, you usually have the option to shoot in RAW and JPEG at the same time!  If you aren't already shooting and editing RAW images, I highly suggest that you go and try it!  

8. When should I shoot in JPEG?

Personally, I always shoot my images in RAW format.  With that being said, there is a time when you might prefer to shoot in JPEG.  Since JPEG images are much smaller than Raw files, your camera's memory buffer fills up much slower when shooting in JPEG mode.  You can switch to JPEG mode if you are shooting several images in a burst (many images in a small period of time - commonly used in sports photography).  

Keep in mind that your camera is still able to shoot bursts in RAW format, its just that you buffer will fill up faster and you won't be able to take as many photos as you could in JPEG mode.  

9. What software do I need to shoot in RAW?

The biggest and most well known RAW processing software is called Lightroom.  And let me tell you friend, it is worth every penny!!!  I use Lightroom to edit and convert ALL of my images!  I absolutely love this program!  Lightroom is an absolutely incredible investment to any photographer!  I love that I am capable of editing a large batch of images which saves me so much time!!!