When I first heard about using Instagram for my business, I thought to myself: Oh great, another social media platform to keep up with! I wasn’t at all interested in giving Instagram a try. However, Instagram became the fastest growing social media platform so I knew that if I wanted to keep up with the current trends, I had to at least give Instagram a chance. And I have to admit, it started growing on me!

If you are an Instagram user, you know that this particular platform is all about hashtags. If you are a photographer or business owner, you are probably using the hashtags that are relevant to your audience. I believe that you can add up to 30 hashtags to an image. Now, if you add them manually every single time, it takes a lot of time, and let’s be honest: time is the one thing that we all wish we had more of!

I personally use Instagram to showcase a few different aspects of my life and brand. If you follow me, you are going to see that I use the following categories over and over again in my feed: wedding photography, senior photography, behind the scene photos from sessions, and personal (pets, food, travel, family).

I used to manually add hashtags to each and every image I posted.  I mean, I should have known that there’s always an easier way to do things! So, one day, while browsing the internet I came across this helpful tip that helps you import a series of hashtags instead of manually typing them out. Are you ready? Here it goes! On you iPhone you can actually create shortcuts, name them, and every time you type that word on Instagram, all the hashtags that are part of that shortcut will automatically be inserted in your post or comment. Just like OMW = On my way, you can type out all of your hashtags and give them a shortcut name!  Here’s what you have to do:

On your iPhone go to:

Settings > General > Keyboard >Text Replacement > + > Type Your hashtags where it says “Phrase” > Name Your Shortcut

…and your done! Every time you are going to type the shortcut word on Instagram, the series of hashtags you created will appear. 

This simple hack has saved me SO much time and I can only hope that it will do the same for you!