I highly recommend booking an engagement session with your wedding photographer! Setting an evening aside to work with your photographer will be worth it! I use engagement sessions to get to know my couples and allow them to get used to how I shoot.  Once we’ve done an engagement session together, your wedding day portraits will be a breeze! 

Here are two things you can consider while planning your engagement shoot to be sure you LOVE it!

Express who you are. 

I want to capture who you are as a couple in many ways at your engagement session! You have the freedom to choose any location that makes you feel most comfortable. You should be able to have fun at whatever location you choose! It honestly should feel very relaxed. Consider where you spend a lot of your time. Are you beach bums? Love to hike? Go to a big city for a date night every weekend? Where did you meet? Think of “your place” and that might be the perfect location for your engagement session! If you’re comfortable in the location, it will show in your photos!

Make it a date night! 

I encourage my couples to bring two outfits to their session, one dressy outfit, and one more casual. This allows for tons of variety in the gallery, but not so many outfit changes that it cuts into our shooting time. If you’re already looking your best, take advantage of it! This session will be so much fun, so finish the night with a nice dinner or dessert somewhere! Make it a fun day for just the two of you. Be sure to celebrate this special time in your life!

I hope these tips help you plan the perfect engagement shoot for you and your fiancé!