One thing that is extremely important is light stand safety!  The last thing you want is one of these falling or getting knocked over, injuring a guest damaging your gear or disrupt the day of the wedding.  Yikes!  If you take this seriously and prepare accordingly, you have nothing to worry about.  

  • Start with a sturdy light stand. 

The 1st thing you want to do is buy a sturdy, trustworthy light stand.  You should select a light stand that is taller than you need.  For example, 13 feet would be sturdier than 10 feet.  The reason for that is you don't have to max out every section that extends just to reach the max height.  When you fully extend every section on the light stand, there is very little overlap in the joints and that makes it very wobbly.  If you invest in a taller light stand, it gives you the leeway to leave a lot of overlap in each section and still reach the height you need.  

  • Extend the legs until the cross bars are parallel to the floor.

When the crossbars of the base are extended to be parallel with the floor, the base of the light stand will be the strongest.  

  • Weigh it down.

I recommend filling a small tool bag full of weights and using that as a sandbag to weigh down you light stand.  (much cheaper than photography sand bags) You can then hang it on the bottom middle of the light stand so that it drives the weight down to the ground.  This ill make it much harder to knock it over.  

  • Bring extra tools.

I keep extra bungee cords in the back of my car.  I use these if I need to strap the light stand to a column for extra safety.  

  • Make it seen.

I have neon duck tape on the legs of my light stand so that the legs are easily seen in low lit situations.  The last thing I want is for myself or others to trip on the legs when passing by!  

Need a recomendation?  This is the exact light stand that I use & I love it!